IOTERA GPS Tracker: What is it?

If you’ve lost a bike, or have trouble locating your wayward pet, or can’t find a suitable Geofencing solution, IOTERA GPS tracker can help you.

The IOTA GPS Tracker, the smallest GPS tracking solution of its kind, not only has a superior coverage range but also the best-in-class battery life.

Powered by in-house RF communication protocols, the IOTA GPS tracker synced to an accompanying Home Base grants you an effective communication range of up to 4 miles.

And unlike the dime-a-dozen GPS trackers that rely on cellular communication services and charge you a premium monthly, IOTERA services are completely free. Once you buy the IOTA tracker, you’re good to go.

Let’s now look at some of the more promising features and applications of the IOTA GPS Tracker:

IOTERA GPS tracker

IOTA GPS Tracker: Everything You Need to Know

GPS trackers have evolved to become one of the most useful and reliant sources of security in this ever-evolving digital age.

And with each successive generational leap we make in terms of technology, the need for newer and more promising features has become a necessity.

IOTERA seems embrace the importance of this vital aspect, and have equipped all their products with the most current and future-proof features.

Here are some of the features on the IOTA GPS Tracker:

Proprietary Radio Frequency Based Communication

GPS trackers, first and foremost, are security enhancements that pretty much act as the first wave of defense against potential larceny.

Conventional Cellular based communication, which is the go-to mode of communication in most GPS trackers of the nonce, poses a sizable threat to this notion.

Since Cellular communications are based on and designed for mobile applications, the signals can easily be manipulated and encountered making it easier for hackers to get their hands on the device.

With IOTERA’s proprietary encrypted RF-based communication, this is not a problem.

Not to mention the superior range that has become one of the most unique aspects of the device.

IOTA GPS Trackers can communicate with the Home Base from up to 4 miles. This may not seem too much since a stolen bike or a purse may not linger around the same vicinity.

But when you take into account that the Home Base (supplied with every IOTA GPS Tracker) can communicate with nearby Home Bases and Trackers to further accentuate the effective range, locating a stolen artifact is a breeze.

To further stress the very importance and relevance of this feature, consider a city like San Fransico that spans over 47 sq. miles. About 10-15 Home Bases are all that is needed to cover the entire city!

GPS trackers like IOTA are much more versatile and robust compared to non GPS tracker like Apple Airtag. Airtags can only track either within bluetooth range or whenever there’s an apple device nearby.

In less populated areas, this makes GPS trackers much more useful than an Airtag which will simply display an error message “Airtag not reachable“.

Battery-Life For Months

Another crucial aspect of the IOTA GPS Tracker is its battery life.

IOTA GPS Trackers offer a commendable battery life of about 3-4 months on a single charge. 

This may seem a bit short considering most GPS Trackers provide a battery life exceeding the aforementioned period.

Now this may be true for passive trackers that provide a single update a day. With active trackers, however, that’s not the case.

Once the IOTA GPS Tracker has become spent, all you need to do is to connect the Tracker to the Charging dock.

The onboard LED indicator will let you know the charging status.

Applications a-Plenty!

Initially designed to cater to the needs of pet owners, the IOTA GPS trackers have since grown to cover a wide variety of applications.

Since IOTA GPS Trackers come equipped with motion and temperature sensors, they can be used in a number of different applications.

From being excellent bicycle trackers to reliable Geofencing solutions, the IOTA GPS tracker can act and serve the purpose of many a scenario.

The IOTA App has played a crucial role in making the GPS Tracker much more versatile and useful. Timely Notifications and an intuituve UI can be named some of its more promising features.

With that said, IOTERA GPS Trackers are definetely a worthwhile investment for anyone who values their precious belongings.

In 2017, IOTERA was acquired by, which in turn was subsequently acquired by tech giants Amazon.

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